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How to write a website brief

Posted: 27th November 2016 • by Chloe Ingram

Woman writing website brief on laptopA successful marketing project always starts with a thorough brief, and websites are no exception. For the majority of businesses, your website is your most important marketing asset and is often pivotal in forming your customers’ first impressions.

Ensuring that the technical elements – easy to use navigation, fast page loading speeds and a good user experience across all devices – are in place is crucial in creating a website that converts customers. A great brief will help you to select a website developer or agency who can work alongside you as a partner in your digital marketing activities, and to advise you on the technical as well as aesthetic requirements of your build.

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The Ten Laws of Twitter

Posted: 10th September 2013 • by Chloe Ingram

Understanding how Twitter works is essential for anyone who wants to promote their business, event, group or themselves. Here are my top ten essentials – the ten laws – that I think that you need to know about Twitter:

1) Follow more people

When someone tells me that they don’t “get” Twitter, I ask them how many people they’re following… and the answer is always less than 50 people. To get to grips with Twitter effectively, you need to follow more.

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Chloe IngramI am a CIM-qualified freelance marketing consultant based in Birmingham, UK. I work with SMEs across the West Midlands region, helping with marketing strategy, planning and implementation. If you would like advice on marketing your business please get in touch for a no-obligation consultation.

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