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Why JD Wetherspoon is wrong to call time on its social media marketing

I’ve been amazed to read several articles, including some written by senior practitioners within the marketing industry, claiming that JD Wetherspoon’s recent decision to leave social media somehow demonstrates ‘brand leadership.’ What it actually represents is the failure of JD Wetherspoon’s senior management team to grasp the reach and power of the major social media networks, and the sea-change in human behaviour accompanying it.

How to write a website brief

Marketing consultant writing website brief

A successful marketing project always starts with a thorough brief, and websites are no exception. For the majority of businesses, your website is your most important marketing asset and is often pivotal in forming your customers’ first impressions.

The Ten Laws of Twitter

Understanding how Twitter works is essential for anyone who wants to promote their business, event, group or themselves. Here are my top ten essentials – the ten laws – that I think that you need to know about Twitter.

Do you really want to advertise your marketing agency in a blog about Pomegranates?

Search advertising can be a great way to develop new leads for your business, putting your website in front of people actively looking for your product. However, poorly constructed, untargetted ads can haemorrhage away your budget and significantly reduce your return on investment. Here are three ways to boost the performance of your Google Adwords campaigns.

The truth about PR

On several occasions I have seen well-meaning non-PR practitioners issue their own press releases, only to be puzzled when no coverage results. Often the answer is that the writer hasn’t been able to apply the “so what?” test to their own work, in order to create a story that stands out from the hundreds that a journalist will typically receive each week.

The art of good listening

It is often said that we have two ears and one mouth because we should use them in that proportion. Listening is certainly overlooked in the art of good communication. Lots of people go on presentation skills training – yet I have never met anyone who has attended listening skills training.

Should social media be allowed at work?

Social networking builds a range of skills that are good for both the employee and workplace. It exposes the user to new ideas; promotes cultural awareness; facilitates work/life balance and even just provides distraction, which can be useful in creating the breaks needed to maintain productivity when completing long tasks.


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